Undressed 2×16 – Guardaserie
Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen directed by Danny Salles The girls, decides to call Denise (a.k.a. Double D.) and asks her about the truth. She tells them that nothing happened... with her. Katrina then puts her down, and we find out that it was Katrina that gave the nick name ""Double D."" in the first place. Denise tells them it wasn't easy for her to survive the fourth grade, especially being developed early. They somewhat forgives her. The guys then talk about how they should just get laid, since their girlfriends dumped them. Denise then gets a call from Brad, who tells her that they will be having a ""underwear"" party. Allison gets an idea, and tells Denise to accept. Milo/Kitty written by Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Milo is upset that he found Kitty with Dale, and Eileen, tries to clue him in that she could be a girl for him. That's when Kitty comes, and asks to talk to him. Eileen calls him stupid. Their was a sub
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